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Welcome To...

Master Workbook Edition

Your life and bank account are about to change... 


Master Workbook Edition

If you missed out on the Passive Profits course *womp womp womp* don't panic because the master workbooks are BACK FOR GOOD!


This course was a self paced 4 week online course made for emerging or established entrepreneurs who are seeking more money, more time, and more freedom in their life. One of the many perks of this course were the 6 value packed master workbooks that covered the content in the video modules and dove deep into the topics and strategies and took it to the next level.


If you're on the verge of burnout and desperately seeking more flexibility within your business, then you're in the right place. These master workbooks were designed to change your entire life...and bank account 💰😏.


From basic to expert level, you're going to walk away from these master workbooks knowing your passive product(s), how to set up effective automations, master email marketing, dominate social media marketing, and have my signature launching strategy.

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Social Proof AF

🎉3 Day Flash Sale🎉

August 3rd - 5th

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Ready to earn unimaginable money, gain more freedom, and dominate IG marketing?

25% off each individual workbook


6 month payment plan for ALL workbooks

payment plan

6 Payments Of


Buy the workbooks individually

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"TASH. I’m literally only on Module One and I’m feeling SO INSPIRED. I got my journal out and started writing down passive product ideas!! Thank you so much for this, I can’t wait to put everything into practise!"

Laura Couture

Design Studio

the full

Retail: $297 Sale: $222
Retail: $297 Sale: $222
Retail: $197 Sale: $147
Retail: $97 Sale: $73
Retail: $97 Sale: $73
Retail: $97 Sale: $73
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25% OFF



I'm, Natasha Zoryk, founder and CEO of NZ DESIGNING, a Digital Marketing and Design Agency.

I built my very own 6 figure business in less than 6 months using the power of Instagram. I was able to hit my first $10k month in my first month of business and my first $21K month within 5 months. Through fail proof methods, I've been able to master the art of selling online, become a thought leader, and disrupt a saturated industry.

With rapid growth and success, also came some major downfalls. About 7 months into my business, I was faced with the worst burnout.

This is where my passive income journey all began, The Instagram Kit, my elite guide to Social Media Marketing came to life. I went from being overwhelmed 👉🏼 to gaining more freedom and more money.

Are you down to finally pay your debt off, gain flexibility, and scale your business?


Great, let me give you all my tools on how I entirely transformed my business in a few short months to be highly sustainable and wildly profitable.

Let's doooo disssss!!!!

*fist bump*   👊🏼

Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 3.15.40 PM.png

"OMG I love these workbooks!! I am freaking mind blown.

This is the exact Blueprint I needed in order to create my course, you break it down step by step which makes it simple. I was scared SHITLESS to create a course, but you made it so simple.

I already have a course in mind, title, and everything mapped out - YAY"

Jennifer Guzman

Manifestation and Business Coach

the full

the dream

Do you want this?


''I didn’t expect anything less from Natasha. Everything she puts out is jam packed with the most relevant and up to date tools and systems. Passive Profits is no different. She overdelivers in each of her master workbooks where she hands you exactly what you need to start TODAY! It is easy to understand and she lays it all out for you in simple terms. Natasha is brilliant and a true expert in the field of creating passive income. She is one you want to trust!"

Courtney Taylor

Transformational Coach

1 stream of income

Ready to make this on a monthly basis?

$17,174.35 CAD

the full

the transformation

I went from having a no impact on Instagram, no leads, working 7 days a week, charging the lowest rates, and only making money while I was physically working










7000+ LEADS



Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 3.03.29 PM.png

"I just have to tell you...I was getting into a funk with what I wanted to create for my course I started filming it and realized I was completely confused by it.

I’ve completed your module one workbooks and oh my gosh, in the product creation book “set clear learning goals” literally SAVED ME! I made a list of the exact transformation and wins and now it’s all clear...and I'm only on Module 1!!!!"

Caterina Maria

Trauma Coach

the full

tell me

Does this sound like you?

✔️ Do you dream of making more money effortlessly?

✔️ Are you stuck in a rut within your business, not knowing where or how to get it back on track?

✔️ Have you downloaded every freebie, attended all the free masterclasses, and binge-watched countless youtube videos trying to spark that "Ah-Ha!" moment in your business?

✔️ Or maybe you want to create systems to make your business work for you, make money for you.

✔️ You've sat there trying to map out a social media marketing plan, but have no idea how to show up in your saturated industry.


✔️ You can't shake the feeling that you aren't doing enough. That you'll never make $10K...$20K months. You're experiencing the worst imposter syndrome.

it's time to

Live your best life

Just make a lot of money while doing it...

master workbooks

The Full Breakdown

master workbook 1

The Prime and Prevail Launch Plan

Never fail at a launch again with this fail-proof strategy. Get a step by step guide on how to prep, prime, and launch your next offer, service, or program.

master workbook 2

Email Marketing Guide

It's time to take email marketing off the back burner of your business. It should be a driving force towards more leads, sales, and success. Unlock the mental triggers that you should be hitting in your email strategies to convert leads into paying clients.

master workbook 3

Passive Product Guide + Create a Course Guide

Whether you have 0 or 100 ideas, you'll be get your exact plan of attack on how to create your very own passive offer(s) and course. This step by step guide will put you down a path of unimaginable passive income.

master workbook 4

The Basics Blueprint

Get your plan of attack and blueprint to success. This workbook will guide you on how to begin your brand new passive income journey, with steps from the idea to the final sale. This workbook is paired well with the Passive Product Guide.

master workbook 5

Evergreen Sales Funnels

Want to start making your business work for you? Get a step by step breakdown on how funnels work and how they can work magic for you and your bank account,

master workbook 6

The Caption Formula

Start creating captions that covert your followers into paying clients. Get the formula to high converting captions that are intentional and captivating.


Hear me out

You're going to get NZ DESIGNING's signature launching strategy...

✔️ Had over 40 members on the money wall 2 weeks before my official launch.

✔️ Made over $20K a week before carts opened.

✔️ Sold spots for the course 3 weeks before it was even finished.

✔️ Had my DMs blowing up with followers demanding to secure their spot after the big reveal.

This ain't your average course...if you're ready to entirely elevate your business and say cya to the failed launches, then this course was made for you.

make in impact online

Inspire. Educate. Mentor



Questions Answered

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Let's keep those 

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